Trade Your Guilt For Joy

If, as a born-again Christian, you have ever felt guilty about your past sins, even though you have confessed them and, by faith, have put them under the Blood of Jesus Christ, then you need to know more about the River for Remission of Sin, which God has provided through His Son’s Crucifixion and Death.

God’s Word uses the pattern of the Cross to show a complete picture of a Spiritual Truth; therefore, in our study about getting rid of our guilt through the remission of sin, we see four major points, which fit with the four points of the Cross.


Four different words in the Scriptures refer to the remission of sin. Each of the four words pertains to a different aspect or Work of Remission. The Hebrew word for remission means to carry away, to send forth. The Greek word for remission, which also means to carry away or to send forth, is akin to the Hebrew word which means scapegoat in the Old Testament.

The scapegoat, a picture of the remission of sins provided by Christ’s Death on the Cross, was sent into the wilderness to carry away the confessed iniquities, transgressions, and sins of Israel. After being sent into the wilderness, the scapegoat never returned. The sacrifice of the scapegoat was a picture of Jesus Christ’s  Sacrifice which forms a crimson stream of His Blood. This stream of cleansing Blood flows around behind the Back of God, forming the Sea of Forgetfulness, into which God casts repentant man’s sins, where they are remembered against man no more. The other part of Christ’s Blood was carried to the Mercy Seat in Heaven to
mend God’s Word that was and is broken by sinful man. However, only a portion of Christ’s Blood was used for forming a part of the River for Remission of man’s iniquities, transgressions, and sins.

Excerpt from Trade Your Guilt For Joy by Rev,. B. R. Hicks [FREE Download]